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Mira Dong

Registered Psychologist

(Clinical Psychology Registrar)

B. Psych, M. Psych (Clinical & Counselling), MAPS

Medicare Provider

Workcover Insurance Provider


Mira is a compassionate, driven clinician with a Master of Clinical Psychology in Australia and a Master of Counselling Psychology in South Korea.

Mira uses her unwavering enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose in her clinical work to facilitate people’s mental health growth and recovery.

Mira has gained extensive clinical experience working with diverse populations ranging from children to adults and their families in various clinical settings including schools and public inpatient and outpatient settings.

She uses evidence-based psychological interventions founded on clinical formulations while remaining flexible and respectful of the client’s needs, preferences and their level of readiness and motivation.

Mira is also culturally competent with her culturally and linguistically diverse background. She can provide psychological service both in Korean and English.

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Services I Offer



Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community (Psychological service Available in English & Korean)

Evidence-based Psychotherapy (e.g. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Thearpy)

Medicare Rebate of $87.45 is available with a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP.

Check with your private health fund directly regarding your eligibility for a rebate through your private health insurance.

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호주 정부 공인 Psychologist,

대한민국: 상담심리사 (한국상담심리학회 2급), 청소년상담사(보건복지부), MBTI 전문 강사

· 전문분야: 성인, 아동, 청소년 대상,

일반 심리상담

 정신과 진단 가능 심리적 증상/질환 심리치료

(증거 기반 인지행동치료, 수용전념치료)

· 학력:    호주 Master of Clinical Psychology

이화여자대학교 상담심리 석사

(Master of Counselling Psychology)

연세대학교 심리학과 학부

이화여자외국어고등학교 졸업

· 경력:  호주 공립병원

성인 정신 병동/아동 정신과 외래팀 수련

전 민족사관 고등학교 심리학 강사/상담심리사

대학/기업 개인상담/집단상담  

MBTI 워크샵